You'd like to join the Explorers Club?

Truly? Oh, you're a gem! Trust me, you won't regret this decision.

So, here's the low-down. Members of our Explorers Club get unrestricted access to our finest maps. You can download 20 Premium Maps a month, free of charge.

With a Mistcharter & All Creators membership you'll also gain access to all of our creator maps, supporting creators at the same time!

Our adventuring days aren't over yet, either. You'll get access to all the maps we bring back from future expeditions.

  • All premium maps

    Download up to 20 premium maps a month. Simply add your adventure to your cart and you'll get them completely free at checkout.

  • Support creators

    100% of the proceeds from our 'All Creators' upgrade is distributed between our partner artists.

  • Monthly bonus maps

    We keep a few extra special maps under the counters. Members eyes only.

  • Our eternal gratitude

    We want to provide customers with a huge selection of free maps. Without you, it wouldn't be possible.

The Explorers Club FAQs

What is the Mistcharter's Explorers Club?

The Explorers Club is our subscription membership for the most intrepid of adventurers!

Subscribers receive up to 20 of our premium maps every month, crafted with love and filled with secrets awaiting discovery.

You'll also be supporting the store and our future expeditions.

What is the difference between 'Mistcharter Maps ' and 'All Creators' memberships?

Our 'Mistcharter Maps' membership grants access for up to 20 downloads a month from any of our self made maps. You can see all of these on our collection page.

Our 'All Creators' membership costs a little more, but for this you gain access to ALL of the maps in the store. The same rules apply; 20 downloads a month, but you can take any adventure you wish.

How do Creators benefit from the All Creators memabership?

We love this community, and we want to support artists in any way we can.

Creators receive 100% of the upgrade to the All Creators package, with all funds distributed between them based on the percentage of downloads their maps have received in the past month.

We also try and support the development of creators own channels by sharing links to their patreons and social channels. If youv'e found an artist you love, we encourage you to check them out.

What are 'premium' maps?

Ah, our premium maps! They're not just drawings but a doorway to vibrant adventures. Each map boasts a resolution of 4200 x 4200 in JPEG format. We cater to both digital screens with 72 DPI and those wishing to print with a crisp 300 DPI version. And for the strategists among you, we offer hex, grid, and even gridless versions. Playing a virtual tabletop RPG? Our maps gel seamlessly with platforms like Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds, and more. Plus, to suit every scene and mood, we provide all design variants – whether you fancy day, night, a misty morning, or even a rainy dusk. In essence, it's a complete toolkit for any adventurer or storyteller!

How do I access my maps once subscribed?

After you've subscribed, you'll receive a special link in your email. Simply follow it, and you'll find your weekly collection of maps, waiting to whisk you away on new adventures. You can also access all of your previously purchased maps in your Mistcharter account.

Can I choose the maps I want?

Absolutely! Depending on your membership tier, you have the choice of our full catalogue, including those created by Mistcharter and our partner creators.

When is the exclusive bonus map sent out?

Our special bonus map, exclusive for our subscribers, will find its way to your inbox at the end of each month. It's our way of saying 'thanks' for journeying with us!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We'd be sad to see you go, but understand that every explorer has their path. You can manage and cancel your subscription from your account settings. Do drop us a note if there's any feedback; we always strive to improve.