You'd like to join us as a creator?

Truly? Oh, you're a gem! Trust me, you won't regret this decision.

We have grand ambitions for Mistcharter Maps. Here's our goal.

For users:

  • Easily find the perfect map to fit into their session, instead of fitting the session around the map.
  • Enable them to get maps from many different creators without needing a large number of subscriptions.

For creators:

  • Improve the discoverability of creators whose reach on Patreon is restricted by the platform's limitations, and requires constant promo to get their work seen. 
  • Generate revenue for creators, to directly support them and their future creations.

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  • Earn from the sale of individual Maps

    50% of proceeds (excluding sales tax) of individual map sales will be passed on to the map creator.

  • Earn from our subscription

    100% of our creator subscription will be distributed to creators based on their % of downloads. Eg. a creator with 50% of marketplace downloads will receive 50% of the marketplace subscription fee/pot.

  • Increase your brand visibility

    Creator maps will be featured within Mistcharters marketing channels, including email, social media, pinterest, banner/video ad campaigns, etc.

  • Patreon support

    Each month a creator’s maps will be showcased in our subscriber emails; this will include links to their Patreon page for any subscribers who want to support them directly.

How does this work with Patreon?

We’re here to support creators and DMs. We’re happy to share our creator’s patreon details for any customers who want to support them directly. 

We believe Patreon presents a couple of issues for creators: 

  • Patreon’s setup makes it hard for creations to be found by search engines; often the first port of call for DM’s looking for a fresh map. 
  • Search results on Patreon are ordered by subscribers, sending a much higher number of visits to creators who already have a large following. 
  • Smaller creators have to rely on constant promotion on social platforms to build their audience and generate income from their maps. 

We happily link to your Patreon page from your creator page to let people know that they can support you directly if they’d like to.

Mistcharter Creators FAQs

How do I get started as a creator?

Simply contact us...

We understand that each creator has a different approach to map/asset creation, and this requires we be flexible in how we approach each partnership.

We also appriciate you may have questions that weve not covered here. We're very happy to discuss how we can work together.

How much does it cost to list my maps on Mistcharter?

Right now, nothing. We acknowledge there is a sizeable amount of work involved in adding your maps to our catalogue, but we also recognise the value that your maps add for our users.

Whilst there is no financial cost to become a Creator, we do request a minimum 12 month listing period on each upload to help us ensure our upload resources are well utilised.

How much will I earn?

How much you earn on Mistcharter will depend on both how many of your individual products we sell, and how many of your maps are downloaded as part of the Creator subscription.

We pay 50% on the sale of individual assets (minus sales taxes). You are free to sell your products at whatever price you choose.

Payments from the subscription operate on a percentage of downloads basis. We see this as a fair way of rewarding the artists who are contributing most to the subscription. An example; let's say we have 1000 subscribers to the Creator package. At current rates, this would create a pot valued at £2,000 each month. This would be distributed between creators based on the number o downloads their maps have had. If you maps had 10% of the subscriber downloads, you would receive £200.

How often do you run your payout cycle?

Currently we run our payout cycle at the start of each quarter.

Do I have to share all of my maps on Mistcharter?

We welcome you to share all of your creations on Mistcharter. In doing so gain the potential earn from the sale of individual maps, as well as increase the percentage you earn from the subscription pot.

We appreciate you may wish to operate your Mistcharter account inline with your Patreon account. This may include timed releases for those who support you directly.

Regardless of how many maps you opt to list with us, we do request a minimum listing period of 12 months.

Why do your subscription packages have download limits?

Our 'Mistcharter Maps' membership grants access for up to 20 downloads a month from any of our in-house made maps.

Our 'All Creators' membership costs a little more, but for this customers gain access to ALL of the maps in the store. The same rules apply; 20 maps a month, but they can take any adventure you wish.

The reason we have these limits is partly due to our wish to create a fair distribution of the subsciber pot. In limiting the number of downloads any one person can make, we limit the potential for any one person to skew the distribution of the pot.